Google’s ‘About This Result’ – Your Secret Weapon for SEO Supremacy!


Hey Guys! Ready to amp up your SEO game with some Google wisdom? Let’s dive into the exciting world of Google’s ‘About This Result’ feature and how it’s revolutionizing the SEO landscape.

Google’s emphasis on Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) has become a cornerstone for achieving top rankings in its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). E-E-A-T is not just a set of guidelines; it’s the backbone of Google’s commitment to delivering relevant, reliable, and high-quality content to its users. 

That’s why it is one of the first things I dive into when auditing a website. Because if the EEAT ain’t good, I know why Google isn’t nibbling at the SERP. 

Expertise refers to the depth of knowledge and skill demonstrated in the content. It’s about showing that the content creator or website is a knowledgeable source in their field. This aspect is particularly critical in YMYL (Your Money Your Life) categories, where the stakes of misinformation are high.

Experience adds a layer of authenticity, signaling to Google that the content is not just theoretically sound but also practically applicable and valuable. It’s about providing real-world insights and solutions.

Authoritativeness goes beyond just being knowledgeable; it’s about being recognized as a leader or a go-to source in your niche. This is often measured through external signals like citations from other authoritative sources, backlinks, and social proof.

Lastly, Trustworthiness is about creating a secure and transparent environment for users. It involves clear author attribution, citing credible sources, and maintaining a positive reputation online.

E-E-A-T is essential because Google aims to prioritize content that not only answers users’ queries but also does so in a way that is expertly informed, experientially validated, authoritative in its field, and trustworthy. In essence, E-E-A-T is the guiding principle that aligns content creators with Google’s ultimate goal: to enhance the user experience by providing content that is as reliable and valuable as possible.

What’s This Google Feature All About?

Introduced in 2021, Google’s ‘About This Result’ feature is like your SEO crystal ball. It offers a peek into how Google perceives your website and, by extension, how the world sees your brand. It’s more than just about patting yourself on the back for being awesome; it’s about what others say about you, and that’s where the real magic happens.

How Do You Get These Juicy Insights?

Craft Your Content Strategy: Analyze the sources Google finds credible for your brand. Align your content to resonate with user expectations and amp up those E-E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Experience, and Trustworthiness) signals.

Link Building Like a Pro: Find out the databases and third-party sources that Google trusts. This feature is your treasure map to authoritative backlinks.

Spy on Your Competitors: Compare your ‘About This Result’ with your rivals. Find the gaps and plan your SEO domination.

On-Page SEO Makeover: Use these insights to tweak your website’s content and metadata to align with what your audience is searching for.

Tell Your Story: Especially useful if you don’t have a Wikipedia page or a Google Business Profile. Craft the narrative in the ‘in their own words’ section.

Why Listen to Google’s Storytelling?

Most folks might not use this feature, but you, the SEO wizard, should. It’s like a storytelling session from Google about your brand. Use it to refine your content, link-building, and on-page strategies. Make your website a shining beacon of E-E-A-T and watch as Google amplifies your online presence.

In essence, ‘About this result’ is not just a feature; it’s your gateway to SEO greatness. Tap into Google’s narrative about your brand and use it to craft a story that resonates with your audience. Embrace this feature and transform your brand’s SEO journey from a whisper in the digital wind to a resounding echo across the web.

Decoding Google’s ‘About This Result’: A User’s Guide

Wondering how to make heads or tails of Google’s ‘About This Result’ feature? Fear not! It’s simpler than it sounds, and incredibly insightful. Here’s your quick guide to understanding and using this nifty tool to its fullest potential.

Peeling Back the Curtain on Google’s Thought Process

Accessing the Feature: Start by doing a Google search. Right next to most search results, you’ll see three little dots. Click on those, and voila! You’re in the ‘About This Result’ window.

Understanding the Source: This section provides details about the website hosting the content. It’s like a mini-background check, offering insights into the site’s creation date and whether it’s secure.

Why This Result? Here’s where it gets interesting. This part explains why Google thought this result was relevant to your query. It’s like Google whispering its search secrets – what keywords matched, if the content was recently updated, and so on.

Other Search Results Info: Sometimes, you’ll get more context on the result, like if other reliable sources have linked to it. It’s like a mini-endorsement or a red flag, depending on what you find.

Your Own Search Power: Google also provides tips on how to refine your searches. Think of it as a mini-tutorial from the search giant on becoming a Google search guru.

Why This Matters for SEO?

As a marketer or website owner, understanding this feature is like getting a backstage pass to Google’s performance. It helps you see your site as Google sees it and, more importantly, as your potential audience might find it. It’s an invaluable tool for tweaking your SEO strategy, ensuring your site isn’t just floating in the digital sea but sailing smoothly towards your audience.


‘About This Result’ isn’t just another feature; it’s a window into the mind of Google and a mirror reflecting how the digital world perceives your content. Get to know it, play around with it, and use it to sharpen your SEO strategy. It’s not just about being found; it’s about understanding the why and how of being found.

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