Frequently asked questions

An automatic audit is run by a tool. Generally, the result is a very inaccurate audit, which is of little to no use. A manual professional audit like the type we are offering here takes several hours to thoroughly analyze the site’s SEO, its shortcoming, and how it measures up to the competition. Providing real insights. Thus that’s why our audits are not free.

The audit is used to find problems with the website’s SEO. Usually, this is followed up by steps that can be taken to address the issues identified. The result is higher rankings in Search Engines.

We don’t have a standard format because our goal is to get to the point. However, most agencies have a template, and they just fill in the template to complete the audit. This approach has several shortcomings, one of which is not digging deep enough. Thus it does not uncover everything wrong. These audits also don’t get the point and can be hard to read, with little actionable substance.


Our audit report outlines everything wrong with the site’s SEO. In addition, it lists steps that can be taken to address these problems.

We use half a dozen tools including Screaming Frog, SEM Rush, Ahrefs, POP, and any other tool that may be needed to dig into aspects of the website we think needs more attention. This helps us better understand what is going on as opposed to using a standard Website SEO Checker.

Yes, we audit local websites, national websites, international websites, e-commerce, affiliate websites, and service websites.